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Because of the unique facts and circumstances of each case, all fees are specifically tailored to each client.  Call, Text, or Email

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Yes, if you prefer personal time and attention over immediate or automated responses.

Calarco Law Offices, LLC is a small and independent firm established and run by a local resident.

Updates provided in writing.  Always welcome to call and ask if there are any questions.

Experience definitely helps when dealing with the law; and if you’re inquiring about a lawyer, you are likely facing some important issues that may result in a Court Order,  Judgment, or restriction of your rights.  Improperly handled legal matters may lead to life-long results or subject you to future losses in the future.

A child’s best interests is the primary determining factor for custody cases in Ohio.  To determine a children’s best interests, the following factors should be considered: ORC 3109.04

Ohio Supreme Court guidelines strive to have a divorce completed within 12-18 months.

A child born to unwed parents is under the sole custody of the mother pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3109.042.  Fathers do not have automatic parenting rights and must apply to the court for visitation, custody, and parenting rights.


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